Making A Difference

Community involvement is something that can start small and make a big impact. Check out a few stories from youth activists about how and why they decided to make a difference. Get inspired! Indian Country, rise up!

Protecting sacred sites? Speaking up about climate change? Fighting for our rights? Making your voice heard? Tell us about it!

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Youth Movement

Luke Harris (Cherokee), age 21, is making a positive impact. Luke held a field day for 200 Native American middle school students at the University of Oregon campus. The amount of support we received this year from various groups was amazing.We even had 100 volunteers. It is a beautiful thing to see other people and organizations believe in your vision enough to lend a helping hand. We especially want to thank We R Native for not only supporting us financially, but for showing up to Youth Movement and inspiring the Native students to be better versions of themselves every single day. If you are interested in carrying out a similar project, Luke suggests, "Don’t be afraid to seek support from Counselors, adults, and even businesses! When they can see the benefits of your mission, they will provide whatever they can to see it happen. Financial support goes a long way, but support in term of free equipment, food, and prizes can also make putting on a field day of this magnitude a success."