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Hi there! Thanks for writing in. 😊   Identity is a question that all of us have faced whether you’re aware of it or not, especially if you’re from different cultures. To make it even more complicated, Native’s have had to prove ho...Read More

Dear Relative,   Thank you so much for your concern for your friend, this is a lot to hold. You’re going to need some backup on this one, so talk to a trusted adult like your school counselor, teacher, or family member.   Then talk to your f...Read More

Mom guilt is real and she’s a relentless beast.   It doesn’t help when you’re bombarded as a new mother with all the things that you must do for your child. These are good tips to strive for because we all want the best for our children, but somet...Read More

Thanks for reaching out!   I’m Lael and I’m a new member of the Auntie/Uncle team. I bit about myself, I’m Navajo and grew up in Portland, Oregon. I just graduated from college in May and I really relate to your worries about the future and anxiet...Read More

You are settling into a new role of support. It’s great you are wanting to help out during this time. You’re acknowledging the weird and preparing yourself to be of help. Biggest support that you can be, is to normalize a natural process and open up com...Read More

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