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[Auntie Manda] Thanks for writing in! These are really great questions. I think it’s so great that you are interested in joining the movement on the streets! It is so important for Native youth to support our Black relatives who are fighting for liberation ...Read More

Hey there,   There’s a lot of back and forth on this one, with a lot of different emotions ranging from ‘what’s the big deal’ to ‘this is a fundamental value’.   I have been asked this question before and my response was; what happens when you dre...Read More

Great question!   Well, what you need to know about COVID is that it is similar to the influenza virus in the way that it acts. Past Influenza viruses have taken around 2 years to cycle through, so unless there is a vaccine for COVID, we might expe...Read More

Dear Relative,   Huge kudos to you for reaching out. I understand that sometimes it is really hard to ask about resources for help. We are living in an unprecedented time, there is a lot of stress that we are all dealing with right now. There are ...Read More

Hi there! This is a good question!   I first want to say that it’s okay to celebrate any US holiday however you choose to.   It’s also okay if you want to boycott or redefine the holiday by reflecting on how the holiday might look through an Ind...Read More

Thank you for your question. Would you like me to send you a link to the answer once it’s posted online?