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Echo Atwell

Echo, (Tachi Yokut Tribe), is a four year staff member for the school yearbook, and feels that knowledge will help with the position of being an ambassador.

"One thing I am passionate about is being able to make change in my community, I have grown up with a tight knit community, and positive changes are always being made with help of the youth council that I am on. I am a coach for youth softball, and I am blessed to coach a great group of young girls. I have gained a lot of knowledge from being a coach, for instance, my communication skills have been improved, and I am able to become a successful leader every day."

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Elizabeth Gonzalez

Elizabeth, (Tachi Yokut Tribe) believes in having great public speaking skills. Having taken theater classes, and being a part of my youth council for 3 years has helped me. I feel like this experience will help me as an ambassador.

"One thing I am very passionate about giving back to my community. Everything that I do or want to do connects to my community. The people I grew up around have shaped me into the person I am today, and I want to be able to give to those who are growing, and learning.. I am very active with sports, I play basketball, softball, and I wrestle. Those sports have taught me so many lessons in life, and I may be busy sometimes, but I am always committed to the things I do.

I was recently accepted into Fresno State and Sonoma State as a history major, and I am the first one in my family to be able to go to college, it gives me great pleasure to represent my family at state colleges."

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Emily Hyatt

Emily, (Choctaw) , believes in positivity.

"One thing I am passionate about is helping others. I’m also passionate about educating people on Native culture and helping out in my community."

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Ethan Tsosie

Ethan, (Navajo), believes in having a motivational drive .

"One thing I am passionate about is my balance.


My name is Ethan Tsosie. I am currently a senior at ASU Preparatory Academy located in Casa Grande, Arizona. Something that I would like to share about myself is that I am from the Navajo tribe and I am currently the president/founder of the American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) chapter at our school. Starting this club has been a true legacy for me and for my school. My school is not located on the reservation and there is not a lot of native representation at my school. I am the only Navajo student that I know of enrolled at ASU Prep. It makes me feel alone sometimes but I have adapted and made some new friends of diverse cultures. They love hearing about mine because it is a culture they often don't hear about. I have been keeping myself busy at school by doing extracurricular activities like joining a VEX robotics team which we did qualify for the world championship, a competitive math team, head of the prom committee and one of two members of the yearbook team. Everything that I have just listed is my passions, passions I would have never known that I liked to do. When I went to school on the reservation it was all about basketball, football, and all the other stereotypical cool clubs. My friends tease me for joining things that would be described as "nerdy" and it phases me but I always wondered why is it nerdy to them but to me it was something I enjoy. If you met me 2 years ago, I would have never imagined being a part of a math or robotics team. I changed because I explored outside of what was expected of me to do. Growing up on the reservation, my parents were always busy and never had time to sign me up for amazing youth programs that I would hear about once in awhile. They moved us off the reservation and there was nothing that I couldn't join, I had all the options I wanted. Of course, my friends influenced me to join basketball and cross country right away. It was something I enjoyed for a brief time but I knew it was something I didn't absolutely love. So I took a minute to shred the noise that was around me and join something I would love doing. Now I put on school and community events for everyone to enjoy. I continuously encourage my other native friends to go and strive for higher educations and find hobbies that will keep them busy. I believe that we as a people should continuously strive for the betterment of ourselves. If something makes someone happy I believe that they should do it no matter what others might think. Knowing someone left an event that I managed with a smile makes me happy because I feel like I spread happiness to others."

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Evalea Cortez

Evalea , (Tulalip Tribes), believes in being helpful to others while staying hard working and motivated .

"One thing I am passionate about is helping people in my community and making a difference in the Munich community and being apart of my culture. I am on my community’s youth council called the Tulalip tribes youth council, I went to Washington DC with our Tulalip board of directors secretary in February to help bring up the survival act and the JOM act and many more to help out with other tribes across the United States, also as youth council we are starting our own plant farm to help our people in Washington."

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Evynn Richardson

Evynn, (Haliwa-Saponi), believes that if you speak healing and support one another Indian Country could change for the better.

“One thing I am passionate about is supporting my fellow natives in all that they do. If we all learn to help one another it would have a major impact on our communities. If you see someone slipping, you help steady them so you can both continue your journeys. If you see someone receive an award, pat them on the back and encourage them to keep up the good work. It does not matter what tribe you are from, our collective veins all flow with the blood of a strong people. As direct descendants of Mother Earth we must love each other as brothers and sisters. When we stand as one, we can accomplish anything.”

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Frankie Buzzard

Frankie, (O Gah Pah (Quapaw)) , believes in having great speaker skills and loves art.

"One thing I am passionate about is my family.. I feel that being apart of the WeRNative team is another great opportunity to not only share the ways of my O Gah Pah people & what I have learned, but also an opportunity to learn the ways of my brothers & sisters of other tribes & continue to build & grow as a person."

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Frankie Wright

Frankie, (Turtle Mountain Chippewa Cree), believes in communication and leadership..

"One thing I am passionate about is physical activity and cultural preservation. I enjoy participating in extracurricular activities and volunteering my time to help youth on my reservation. I encourage physical activity as an alternate to a unhealthy lifestyle."

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Georgia Blackwood

Georgia, (Kickapoo Tribe), is an artist..

"One thing I am passionate about is education . I successfully lobbied for the passage of Kansas House Bill 2498. This bill went into law and from now, schools must allow Natives to wear their feathers or regalia during graduations or other formal ceremonies."