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There are many reasons people get angry: being treated unfairly, having a loss of control, being under a lot of pressure, or they may be experiencing bodily changes-which could cause major moods swings. Whatever the cause may be–anger is a normal and healthy emotion experienced by everyone at some point.

While it may be hard to manage or express your anger in the moment, you must find a positive outlet. Anger can become unhealthy if it is not expressed-it can be bottled up and come out in ways you didn’t expect. Anger can also become unhealthy when it’s expressed in a way that is harmful to others or yourself.

Here are some tips to positively express or manage your anger:

  • Leave the situation that is causing your anger
  • Work off some steam through sports or punching a pillow
  • Strap on the headphones and play some tunes
  • Find a quiet place to clear your thoughts
There are many ways to express or manage your anger, but becoming violent is never an option. If you find that your anger is hard to control, it may be helpful to find support in a friend, family member, or a healthcare professional like a counseloror doctor. Speaking to someone may help you identify why you’re getting angry and find a positive outlet so you don’t resort to lashing out.

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Acknowledgement: This fact sheet was originally developed by youth and staff at, a website that helps teens get through tough times. 


Dear Auntie, Is it bad that I avoid my father on family outing and trips? in fear of him always yelling at me