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Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that is carried out through an Internet service such as e-mail, chat rooms, discussion group, online social networking, instant messaging or web pages. It can also include bullying through mobile phone technologies such as text messaging.

How you feel if you are being cyberbullied.
Just like bullying in real life, cyberbullying can have terrible effects on a person. Don’t be afraid to let someone know that you are being bullied—they might be able to help you. If you feel that your safety is threatened, call 911 or your local police.

How to stop cyberbullies. If you are being cyberbullied, it’s possible that you’re feeling powerless and isolated. But there are options and you can take action to stop the problem.

Keep a record (including time and date). This may help you (or the police) to find out who is sending the messages. Tell someone. Talk to someone you trust, like a parent, friend, counselor or teacher.
Contact your phone or Internet service provider and report what is happening. They can help you block messages or calls from certain senders.
If messages are threatening or serious, call the police. You don’t need to put up with that!
Don’t reply to bullying messages. By replying, the bully gets what he or she wants. Often if you don’t reply, the bully will leave you alone.
Change your contact details. Get a new user name for the Internet, a new e-mail account or a new cell phone number and only give them out to your closest friends.

Acknowledgement: This fact sheet was originally developed by youth and staff at, a website that helps teens get through tough times. 

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