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Marijuana, hashis and hash oil all come from a plant called Cannabis Sativa, and each drug has varying strength and effect on the body. Marijuana is the least powerful and hash oil is the strongest. Marijuana a dry, shredded, leafy substance, typically smoked in cigarettes, pipes, or water pipes known as bongs. Sometimes marijuana is mixed with food or brewed as tea.  Common street names include pot, ganja, weed, grass, blunt, and many others.

Effects of marijuana. Using marijuana can have both immediate and longer-term effects which may vary from person to person. Some of the short-term effects of marijuana include a feeling of euphoria, loss of concentration, relaxation, feeling of confidence, increased appetite, red eyes, wanting to talk and/or laugh more than usual, loosing balance and coordination and feelings of anxiety or paranoia. Some of the possible long-term effects of marijuana include lung problems(e.g. chronic bronchitis, lung cancer), difficulties with memory and attention, as well as learning, fertility problems, becoming dependent, and increased risk of mental health problems.

Marijuana and experimentation.  It is not uncommon to experiment with marijuana and experimentation does not always lead to problem use. If you are concerned about your own or someone else's marijuana use, it may be helpful to contact the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral hotlineor calmly discuss the issue with the person you are concerned about.  

Mixing marijuana with other drugs.  Mixing marijuana and other drugs may be dangerous and may cause a stronger effect of the marijuana or other drugs used.

Marijuana and driving. If you have been using marijuana, then driving can be quite dangerous.

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