Teaching From the Aroostook Band of Micmacs

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Goose (Infant)

The goose teaches their young to share and communicate at an early age. How to work together and respect each other is a lesson goose medicine teaches. Geese form a V shape when they fly and the point of the V or arrow is the teacher. Geese never fly directly behind each other, teaching us to have a full-unobstructed view of where we are going and what is ahead. This medicine teaches us how to deal and communicate with one another through those early stages in life.

Deer (Childhood)
The buck learns to prepare for the rut as its antlers grow. The deer practices and learns defense with its antlers. You must pay close attention to this as you wrestle with yourself and others while you find your way in life. The deer teaches us to be gentle with ourselves and others. When deer medicine comes to you apply these teachings through the period of growth and innocence.

Dragon Fly (Adulthood)
The dragonfly teaches us to gain a new perspective to make a change in our lives. The dragonfly has a mirror iridescent color to it, green and blue with a touch of purple. They have the ability to reflect and take in light. They can absorb good sunlight and reflect the harmful ultra violet rays. Dragon fly teaches to take in the good energy and reflect the bad. In life, you will encounter bullies, especially when you start your own life, making new friends and new families. In addition, you will encounter bully type personalities as you start out in the work force and establish your own households. This medicine teaches us how to apply these teachings throughout our life, as we become adults.

Wolf (Elder)
Wolves are aggressive, friendly, social and highly intelligent. This is why we seek out advice and guidance from our elders. Their sense of family is strong and loyal. They live by carefully defined rules and traditions. Wolf teaches us to work as a team, family or pack, as well as respect each members place and views. Never turn on your pack, learn the balance between authority and democracy and never bully members or others. This medicine teaches you to listen to your inner voice and to guard you from inappropriate actions. You are the true governor of your life; you create it and direct it. Do this with harmony and discipline. You can become the leader of the pack by gaining peoples trust and respect, not by bullying them.

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Richard Getchell


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