image description Photo Credit: Emma Craig
Tuska is a traditional game that is played in a field and requires very few items to play other than players. The only items needed are noodles, like the ones you use at pools, and that are cut in half so that the players can easily wield them in hand. They could be substituted with other items to tag players, but noodles may work the best for this game.

There must be limits to the playing field so the players cannot run too far off, which would make the game very difficult. Depending on how many players, increase the size of the field so there is enough space for all players to run around. The size of the field is similar to a basketball court, but does not have to be exact in size.

The game starts with all players spread throughout the playing field, except two players who each hold one of the noodles and link or hold hands. Together, they try to run after and tag as many players as they can with the noodles. Once another player is tagged, they must link arms or hold hands facing the opposite direction as the player next to them. All players who are tagged must stay linked up until all players are caught.

Dear Auntie, Hi Auntie - I've finally found my 4th great-gma's tribe (Tutelo Saponi) and want to embrace my Native ancestry while being mindful and respectful. Is it okay for me to do this when the rest of my ancestry is white and my Native roots are so far removed?

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