All About Dairy

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What is Dairy?
All fluid milk products and many foods are made from milk are part of the dairy food group. Although dairy products should not be part of your Indigenized diet, sometimes you cannot avoid it. Knowing more about dairy products will help you make informed decisions about your eating lifestyle. Here are some examples from this group: Milk, Milk-Based Deserts (frozen yogurt, ice cream), Yogurt, Cheese, Non-dairy Alternatives (almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk).

What You Need to Know About Dairy
Much of the dairy products are from cow’s milk. In the past, farmers gave cows a healthy lifestyle to graze freely and eat grass. Those cows produced better milk, and are free of hormones and antibiotics. However, more people today consume large amounts of dairy products. To meet the high demand, factories raise cows in confined spaces, feed them grain and antibiotics, and force the cows to produce more milk than usual. Because our ancestors did not consume dairy products and factory milk is not healthy, it is best to avoid dairy products whenever possible.

Summary and Recommendations
Adopting and maintaining an Indigenized diet is hard if you often consume dairy products. However, it is also important to eat and drink less dairy foods. If you want to learn more and how you can choose healthier options as part of your diet, go to


United States Department of Agriculture – ChooseMyPlate (Grains)

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