All About Strength Training

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What is Strength Training?

Life is easier when you are strong and feel healthy. Carrying groceries? Lifting heavy boxes? Playing sports? No problem. To get the benefits, you need to do some strength training, sometimes called resistance training. It is a way to train your body to use your muscles against a resistance. The resistance can be a heavy object, body weight, dumbbells, or anything that has mass. For example, if you want bigger biceps, you would do pull ups or use a dumbbell.

Why Strength Training is Important 

It makes you stronger and more durable in the world by doing things like lowering the risk of injury, improving speed and agility, and much more! Overall, adding strength training exercises in your workout routine keeps you strong and healthy!

What You Should Know

Depending if you are training to gain muscle mass or to lose weight, you need to train specifically for your fitness goals.

  • For strength, try more heavy sets with fewer reps
  • For endurance and weight loss, try fewer moderate sets with higher reps
  • For muscle growth, aim for more total reps, with moderate to heavy weights

It is very important that you find a fitness program that is challenging, but not too hard that will make you quit. Make sure that you stick with the program and write down your progress. To jumpstart your search for the right program:

Summary and Recommendations

Anyone can do strength training. All you need is a pair of good athletic shoes and a can-do attitude!


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