Be the Solution to Pollution

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From downloading music, to reducing the need for packaging, to hosting clothing swaps... there are a number of things we can do to reduce the amount of waste filling landfills, while preserving the land for future generations.

Every little bit helps. Here are some quick ideas you can do to make a difference:

Paper use. To help save paper and trees:

  1. Use both sides of each piece of paper.
  2. Buy paper with the highest post-consumer recycled content available.
  3. Recycle used paper.

Clothes. Don’t send clothes to a landfill. Instead:

  1. Donate your used clothes to a local thrift shop.
  2. Sell your clothes online or at a consignment store.
  3. Host a clothing swap party.

Glass, Plastic and Aluminum

  1. Recycled glass can be made into new bottles and ceramics.
  2. Recycled plastic can be made into new toys, trash bags, automobile bumpers, and flowerpots.
  3. Recycled aluminum can be made into new cans, pie tins and furniture.

Tires. Recycled tires can be made into asphalt and playground material. Improperly disposed of, waste tires can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and create a fire hazard. Help recycle scrap tires and prevent them from ending up in the wrong places.

Cars and Mobile Homes. Don't let your yard become an auto wrecking site. Try selling parts of old cars online or to a local scrap metal dealer to keep your yard free of broken cars.

Electronics. Check with your tribe’s environmental department or your local waste hauler or transfer station to see if they offer electronics recycling.

If information in your community is hard to find, consider starting a recycling campaign of your own. WeRNative offers grant assistance for great ideas that have a positive impact in tribal communities. Interested? Apply online for a grant!



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