Comparing Methods for Preventing Pregnancy

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Out of 100 women who have vagina-penis sex, how many will get pregnant in the first year using each of these methods?

Abstinence (IF used consistently and correctly 100% of the time): 0 women pregnant

(male or female): 0 women pregnant

: 1 woman pregnant

: 1 woman pregnant

: 3 women pregnant

Pill, Patch or Ring
: 8 women pregnant

: 15 women pregnant

: 16-32 women pregnant (women who have already had a
child are more likely to get pregnant while using the sponge)

Female Condom:
21 women pregnant

Fertility Awareness Method
: 25 women pregnant

(“pulling out”): 27 women pregnant

Sex using NO protection
: 85 women pregnant

Male Condom
: 15 women pregnant

Female Condom
: 21 women pregnant

Acknowledgement: This fact sheet was adapted from, a website that provides education about reproductive and sexual health. 

Dear Auntie, i’m 16 and pregnant. my parents love my boyfriend. he’s 19 and has his own place. i’m already graduated and work full time. i practically live with him. but i fear when they find out they’ll make me move back home and keep the baby from him.

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