Do I Need Protein Powder to Get Ripped

Why is Protein Important?
Proteins are the main building blocks for building muscle. Working out breaks down muscles because of the added stress. If you want to become stronger and have bigger muscles, protein is critical to repair and build muscle. Also, protein can help you manage your weight, body composition, enhance muscle growth, immune function, and exercise recovery.

What are Protein Powders?
Protein powders can be helpful if you are not getting enough protein from whole food such as meat, fish, and beans. Many protein powders are made from rice, egg, milk, and soy. In addition, vitamins, minerals, fats, grains, sugar, and preservatives are added to protein powder. When you are considering an Indigenized diet, it is best to avoid powder made from ingredients that our ancestors did not eat.

Do I Really Need Protein Powder?
In short, you do NOT need protein powder to reach your fitness goals. Often times, getting protein powder is expensive and unnecessary if you eat enough protein throughout each day. Our ancestors did not have access to processed, concentrated protein powder. Yet, they were very healthy and very fit. The best thing you can do for your body and to reach your goals are to eat right and exercise frequently.

For Those of You Who Still Want To Use Protein Powder
If you can’t get enough protein in your foods and have very specific fitness goals, protein powder may be a solution. When you start taking protein powder, start with low amounts to see how your body responds. Once you feel comfortable, you can ramp up to 0.64-0.9 grams/lb of body mass. Remember, protein powder is used for supplementing a healthy, well-balanced eating lifestyle. Do not just rely on protein powder and expect the results you want. Eating right and exercising is key to any fitness goal.

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