Double Ball

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Double ball is similar to lacrosse, but is played with sticks around waist high that each player holds. The game ball is usually two smaller balls just smaller than tennis balls wrapped in some type of hide that connects them both. The game ball must have around 6 inches of space where they are connected.

The playing field is similar to a lacrosse field in size, but can be changed based on how many players. The goals are usually two bundles made up of three sticks that lean against one another like a tripod or a very small and skinny teepee. Around 5 feet tall they will also hold a stick that goes across the two bundles. These will be the goals that are on each side of the field where the teams will score. The balls must either go through the goal within the frame of the goals from either side or slightly above the goal; around one foot or so above is acceptable

The game is played with two teams at each end and at the start of the game, a referee or official will toss the double ball to the center of the field which signals the start of the game. When it is thrown out to the center and hits the ground, that is when all players can run after the double ball. Players are free to use their sticks to pick up the double ball, but, cannot use their bodies to touch it. If the double ball goes out of bounds or a team scores, the referee or official must throw the double ball back out to the center of the field.

All players must have their own sticks and cannot hit other players with them. They are only to be used for blocking the double ball or picking it up to take down the field. The goals should be about 10 or so feet from the back of the playing field. There can be players anywhere on the field and can have as many players blocking or attacking the goal as you need.

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