Dual Method

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Many people, who have vagina-penis sex, use dual protection.

Dual protection means: Using 2 birth control methods—one highly effective for pregnancy prevention (like oral contraceptives/the pill, or an IUD) PLUS the male or female condom for STD/HIV prevention.

The birth control methods that do the best job of preventing pregnancy DO NOT protect against STDs (for example, sterilization, the shot, implants, oral contraceptives, and IUDs). When using these methods, a condom should also be used to prevent STDs.

Condoms used alone can prevent many kinds of STDs and pregnancy (IF they are used correctly and consistently every time you have sex). Try talking to your health care provider about the best methods for you and your partner.

Special Thanks:
Melissa A. Habel, MPH
CHES Health Scientist
Division of STD Prevention Centers for Disease Control & Prevention


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