Energy Drinks

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Energy drinks make big promises - some say they’ll increase your alertness or that they’ll boost your athletic performance. But once you cut through the hype and look past the flashy packaging, chances are, all you're getting is a huge dose of sugar and caffeine.

So should you drink these products? The occasional energy drink is probably ok, but there are better choices. Here are some facts to keep in mind:

Energy drinks often contain excessive sugar. That may be okay for athletes who burn lots of calories doing high-intensity activities, but for many people the extra sugar and calories just cause weight gain.

Energy drinks are full of caffeine. Caffeine may be legal, but it can cause some serious side effects like upset stomach, headaches, sleeping problems, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and for some people high doses can cause seizures and even sudden death.

They may contain mysterious ingredients. Some brands of energy drinks have ingredients whose safety hasn’t been tested- things like guarana and taurine. These kinds of ingredients may cause problems for people taking medications or who have health conditions.

Bottom line - these products aren’t the healthy choice advertisers make them out to be. The truth is that the best energy comes from healthy living. People who eat well, drink water, and get enough physical activity and sleep will have plenty of energy.

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