High Kick

image description Photo Credit: Visit Anchorage PR
High kick is an Alaskan Native game that tests your ability to jump as high as you can, kick a ball that’s at head level or higher, then land back on that same foot. The game is played with some type of marker, usually a ball but you may use something else as well. The ball or marker should be near head level and higher so that you can kick it and land back on the ground. You are to balance on one foot, jump as high as you can and hit the marker all with the same foot. You may higher or lower the marker to test your abilities. This game can also be played with two feet.

Here’s a video that may help you with the process.

Dear Auntie, Hi Auntie Amanda! I’m of mètis and cree descent, but mostly identify with my mètis side. I’ve always loved jingle dress dancing and I’m hoping to get back into it. Would it be appropriate for a mètis person to do jingle dancing/ have one made?

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