Inter-Tribal Energy & Tech Tour

image description Photo Credit: Louis Dallara

Welcome to the road trip of a lifetime! Native Americans have practiced sustainability and environmental preservation for generations. Today, 5% of the nation’s natural resources are located on tribal lands. This means, we have the opportunity to share sustainable practices and lead the nation toward energy independence, on and off reservation lands.

Since 2013, The Inter-Tribal Energy & Tech Tour has been the nation’s first and only summer camp committed to educating tomorrow’s tribal leadership on energy, technology, and partnership potential. Native students from 13-17 years old are selected to participate in a memorable road trip, touring inspiring native and non-native energy and tech projects. Site visits include places like the Facebook data center, Southern California Edison’s Energy Center, and Nike’s N7 program. Along the way, students are given the opportunity to visit theme parks, beaches, parks, and much more!

You’re tomorrow’s tribal leaders and today you have the chance to change what the future looks like, in a way that preserves our culture and the environment.

Here’s how you can get involved in the Tour:

  1. Apply to join the Tour, which takes place each August.
  2. Like our Facebook Page and share our news, pics and story on your social media profiles.
  3. Follow @EnergyTechTour on Twitter
  4. Tag an energy and tech-related Instagram photo with #EnergyTechTour and we’ll post it to our page. 
  5. Share the Online Application with friends (ages 13-17)

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