Native Baseball

image description Photo Credit: Omar Parada
This game is simple and does not require a lot of space to play. This game is to test hand eye coordination with the use of two sticks. Sticks can be around two feet or so, unless you would like to have a longer or shorter one to use. To play, one must hold one stick in their hand and balance the other at the end of the stick that they are holding. Then, one must flick the balancing stick up into the air and while it us up, you must hit the stick with the one you are holding. The point is to be able to do those steps in succession and try to hit the stick as far as you can away from you.

Dear Auntie, Hi auntie, My great great grandma was indigenous and my grandpa never found out much. I’ve felt “called” to know more. Am I allowed to follow the path? Or because she was my great great is that too far back to try and reconnect with heritage now?

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