Preserving the Land in Indian Country

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With 310 reservations in the United States and numerous uses for land in Indian Country, it’s more important than ever to take action to protect this precious resource. Land preservation is important to maintain the cultural and environmental significance of tribal lands. Here are some things tribes across the nation are doing to take care of Indian Country.

Animal Health and Habitat
Tribes are dedicating resources to monitoring the health and wellness of animal life in their region.

Reforestation Projects

Not only are tribal forestry workers completing reforestation projects to ensure forests are continually replenished, they’re also clearing roads and conducting controlled burns to keep reservation lands free of debris.

Many Tribes employ biologists to collect data and conduct research to safeguard water and fish populations.

Throughout Indian Country, Tribes go to great lengths to preserve ceremonial grounds, sacred sites and landscapes to keep the richness of tribal culture intact for future generations.

Many communities are also getting involved in Land Rights preservation, Keystone and fracking protests, and other social activism to protect land, water, and wildlife.

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