Realistic Fitness Goals and Why It's Important

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There is never a perfect time to start your fitness journey. The best time to start is now! Know that any fitness goal you want to achieve can be done. You just need to start moving!

You will reach many instances where you want to give up. If you are patient to push through the hard times, you will reach your goal. It is important to make clearly defined fitness goals that you feel are reasonable to your abilities. By sticking with your plan, you can achieve anything!


Follow these four steps to create a realistic fitness goal:

Be Realistic. Goals should be challenging, but attainable. An unreachable goal will only be discouraging.Instead of running a marathon, try a 5K.

Think short-term. Live for the moment. Goals must be meaningful and reachable in the near future. Create small, achievable goals that will eventually lead up to your big goals.

Write it down. By seeing your progress on paper, you can measure what needs to be changed in order to reach your goal. Put your written progress where you can see them every day. REMEMBER: if you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen!

Keep it simple. Goals should be straightforward. For example, “I’ll play soccer with my friends for 60 minutes each day of the week,” “I’ll increase my activity time by 5 minutes each week until I reach 60 minutes a day,” or “I’ll skip sugar-sweetened beverages this week.”

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