Some Facts About Your First Time

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You might have a lot of questions about what your first time will be like. It’s not always easy to find the answers you need. Here are some common myths that people believe about sex—and the facts.

MYTH: You can’t get pregnant or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) the first time.
FACT: Yes you can! When thinking about being sexually active, you need to consider protecting yourself against pregnancy (if you have an opposite sex partner) and STDs. Using protection like condoms, dental dams, and other methods will not necessarily make sex less enjoyable. The important thing is to be safe. Check out these fact sheets to get some more info: Protecting Yourself During Anal Sex, Protecting Yourself During Oral Sex, and Protecting Yourself During Penis-Vagina Sex.

MYTH: First time sex will hurt.
FACT: For some people, the first time can be pleasurable, comfortable and fun. For others, first-time sex does feel uncomfortable—it could even hurt. If it’s hurting, stop and talk to your partner. Try some more lubrication or a different position, or ask your partner to go slowly. If it’s still hurting, stop. Sex shouldn’t be painful.

MYTH: The first time will be perfect.
FACT: TV and movies often glamorize the first time, which might give you unrealistic expectations about what it’s really like. It’s O.K. if your first time isn’t perfect.

What happens after I have sex? After you have sex, especially if it’s your first time, you might experience a whole lot of emotional stuff—some good and some confusing. For example, you might feel worried or guilty, or sex could enhance your feelings of affection for your partner. If you’re having trouble dealing with these issues yourself, you might want to talk with your partner, or with other people you can trust, like friends, family members or a counselor or other mental health professional.

For more information on this topic see “Am I Ready for Sex?," from Avert.


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