Story of the Seasons

image description Photo Credit: Leonard John Mathews

Long, long ago there were many kinds of Seasons. They were very much like people. They could talk and laugh. They played games. They even worked.

They had many council meetings. They would meet together and make many rules. They changed their rules all the time.

When it was time to work, each Season did what he wanted to do. The Frost would come and all the Earth would freeze. Sometimes the Snow came and it was cold. Then the Sun would shine and melt all the Snow away.

Sometimes the Sun was very hot. The Earth would turn brown and dry up. Everything on the land began to die. This was not good.

"We will make a rule to work together," said the Seasons. "People will soon be put on this land. We must get ready for them."

The council meeting started. All the Seasons came together. The meeting went on for many moons. Many ideas were put forth.

The North Wind, who was powerful, wanted to be the leader. All the other Winds said, "No!"

"Let us make a big circle so everyone will have a voice and make an equal stand. We want no beginning or end—just a big, round circle.

Finally, the Sun, Moon and Stars were called to the big council fire. "You shall decide for us," said the Seasons. "How can we be placed in the big circle? We don't want to harm anyone."

The Stars had all the Seasons promise they would never try to leave their places. That is the way the Seasons were put in order. But once in awhile, they get out of order. It might Rain, Hail or Snow in the summertime. Sometimes Frost comes too early, and you see the Stars moving fast in the sky. The Stars are trying to keep Frost from coming too soon. The Stars work hard to keep the Seasons in order.

The Winds help bring Rain, Hail, Snow, Fog and Clouds to the Earth at different times of the year.

And so it goes. The Sun is still ruler over all the Seasons.

(Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon)




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