Take Responsibility

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So, you’ve noticed a problem situation that you think could be stopped if someone stepped in. Now is the time to step up, and take responsibility for diffusing the situation.

Often, when lots of people are around, it’s easy to feel like you’re not the right person to step in. If they’re not going to do something, why should you?

Just because there are lots of people around, or reading the same hurtful posts/tweets, doesn’t mean it’s not your problem. You are just as responsible for helping out when others are around, as you are when you’re alone.

No one deserves to be bullied. Sometimes, we feel that the person in trouble did something to deserve the treatment they’re getting. Maybe it’s what they’re wearing, what they’re doing, or what they’ve said, but none of these things should change your judgment about whether or not to help out someone who needs it. Everyone’s worth it. No one deserves to be bullied.

Not stepping in is not an option. Our relationship with those involved in the situation can sometimes determine whether or not we step in. If the victim is our friend, we might fear also becoming a victim. Alternatively, if the victim is not our friend, we might not feel like we should have to stick up for them. If the bully is our friend, we might not want to make our friend mad by telling them to stop. Or, if the bully is not our friend, we might just want to steer clear of them altogether. No matter what our relationship is with either the bully or the victim, not stepping up is not an option. 

Check out Decide How To Help, because wanting to do something doesn't mean you necessarily know what to do.

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