Indian Policy Timeline

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Indian Policy Timeline (The Indian Experience)

Federal Policies Toward Native Americans

 Extermination, Manipulation & Colonization of Indians                                                   
Early 1800's
The Civilization Act 
1830 Removal Act- Authorized by President Jackson to remove Indians from the east to west of the Mississippi River. 
1870-1890 Indian Wars- Wounded Knee 1890- Famous Sioux Massacre. 

The Dawes Allotment Act- Divided up Indian Land and gave plots of land to the "head of household". Much of original land allotted to Indians was later taken because they were unable to pay taxes. Government determined tribal roles and memberships


The Snyder Act- Until this time, Indians were not considered citizens of the United States.


Wheeler-Howard Indian Reorganization Act- The "Indian New Deal" allowed tribes to establish elected tribal governments. Traditional chiefs, headmen, and medicine men are not recognized by the government.


Termination Policy- Attempted to abolish federal supervision of Indian tribes. Effect was disastrous on those tribes that were terminated, most notablythe Klamath Tribe of Oregon and Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin.


Indian Civil Rights Act- Imposed regulations on tribes in order to guarantee individual Indians similar rights in tribal matters.


Self-Determination Policy- Richard Nixon condemned the Termination Policy and extended more control of Indian affairs to Indians themselves.


Indian Child Welfare Act- Assures the preservation of the Indian family by protecting the proper placement of Indian children into Indian adoptive and foster homes.

Acknowledgement: Native Wellness Institute

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