Traditional Healing

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In tribal culture, “traditional healing” refers to traditional practices that correct imbalance and promote harmony and personal healing. Traditional healing practices include consulting with elders, bringing family groups together, giving social support, prayer and song, removing dangerous spiritual influences, dietary remedies, herbal remedies, participating in ceremony, and seeking assistance from those recognized in the community as helpers.

Traditional healing can mean different things to different tribes, different families, and different individuals.

What is important about traditional healing is that it is about seeking something from one’s roots, where one comes from, helping and contributing to a happier, more stable future. It is about learning about oneself, what it means to be an Indian person, and how belonging to a rich and vibrant culture can help on many levels, especially a person’s self-esteem.

Traditional healing is meant to be embarked upon, at least initially, with the help and guidance of someone who knows about traditional practices, namely a parent, an elder or a spiritual leader.

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Dear Auntie, My boyfriend is native, but he’s fairly light skinned and his family separated from their tribe years ago. He isn’t confident in who he is and is always doubting his roots though we both know he is apache. How can I help him? What can we do to connect him

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