Wanting to End Your Life

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Are you feeling desperate and hopeless?

Are you alone with no one to talk to?

Are you worried you might hurt yourself or someone else or commit suicide?

If you have made a plan...

If you have a way to hurt yourself or someone else (for example you have pills or a weapon) or

If you have attempted suicide or hurt yourself before...

Please get IMMEDIATE HELP if this applies to you. CALL 911 or your local emergency response service or get to the nearest emergency hospital NOW.

Calling 911

If you decide to call 911 or Emergency Medical Services, tell them exactly where you are calling from so they can come and talk to you.

Okay, you are in a really bad spot. But coming to this page is good.Even if you have already harmed yourself it’s not too late to turn this around.Remember that you are doing the right thing by reaching out for help.You deserve to feel better and get the help you need. And you will get through this.

Click here to see the full fact sheet and resources.  

Acknowledgement: mindyourmind.ca/help/i-need-immediate-help

Special Thanks:
Donna Noonan, MPH, CHES
Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinator


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