When a Woman has her Moon

image description Photo Credit: Arjan Almekinders

People will say that a woman who is having her moon should stay away from the ceremonies because she could ruin them, but they don't understand or know why this is. It is because a woman is the only one who can bring a child into this world. It is the most sacred and powerful of all mysteries.

When a woman is having her time, her blood is flowing, and this blood is full of mysterious powers that are related to childbearing. At this time she is particularly powerful. To bring a child into this world is the most powerful thing in creation. A man's power is nothing compared to this, and he can do nothing compared to it. We respect that power.

If a woman should come into contact with the things that a man prays with (pipe, rattles, and medicine objects) during this time, it will drain all the male powers away from them. You see, a woman's power and a man's are opposites—not in a bad way, but in a good way.

Because of the power a woman has during this time, it is best that, out of respect for her men and for their medicine things, she stay away from them. In the past they would build a little lodge for her, and their other female relatives would serve her needs. She would get a rest from all of her chores. It was not a negative thing like people think now.

So you see, we did this out of respect for this great mystery, out of respect for the special powers of women.

Special Thanks:

Joseph Rockboy
Yankton/Sicangu Dakota

Source: Fitzgerald J & Fitzgerald MO. (eds) The Spirit of Indian Women. World Wisdom, Inc., 2005


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