Youth Activism

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How to get started

Youth have powerful voices, and those same voices can initiate change within your community. Being active towards something you believe in at a young age will help you to mold your values into adulthood as well as become the leaders we need today and for the future. There are many ways to get started to advocate for certain change that you wish to see in the world. Here are a few ideas on how to initiate change.

  • Educate Others- School assemblies, community forums, teach-ins, peer education programs and social media forums are a few ways to spread the word about any cause you wish to advocate for.
  • Advocate for Legislation- Push for legislation by working with groups with similar goals, building coalitions or alliances by writing letters to legislatures to advocate for change in local, state, and federal laws.
  • Student Government- Running for student government can enable students to become exposed to governing processes on a small scale and provides a chance for students to have a positive impact in their school. Running for office is good practice for getting involved in a more professional setting.
  • Demonstrate- This is a way for students to express themselves and their values or goals with other like-minded students. This can empower students and bring them together for a common cause as well as help develop their voice.
  • Social Media- Use this platform to create a public awareness campaign that aims to educate people about a specific issue to inspire change in your community. Publicity can play a large role and bring awareness to hundreds or even thousands of people.
  • Raise Money- Raising money is a great way for students to be a part of something and contribute to their community or even larger efforts to create or support change. There are many ways to raise funds., a website where anyone can create a fund me page so those who wish to donate can do so to support what you believe in.
  • Write Letters to companies or political leaders- writing letters to companies, organizations, political leaders and even the president can help bring awareness to a specific subject of your interest. Although it is a small act to advocate change, it is a way to use your voice to get what message you want to get out there for who it may concern.
  • Community Service (Volunteering)- If you notice something in your community that can be cleaned or fixed up, do it! We have the tools you need to get started shaping your community in positive ways>>


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