Dear Auntie – I’m starting to worry about my parents. They come home from working the night shift as clean-up crew at the dialysis center completely exhausted. I’m constantly worried about them getting the virus. I feel like I hardly see them and when I d

Ah. Thanks for reaching out! I love that you care enough about your family to want to help. Big hugs to you!
I want to first start off by saying it’s not your job to take on your parent’s responsibilities. However, we can find ways to support each other. This pandemic has taken us all to unknown places and we are all working together to get through it.
We might be in a place where the initial shock of coping has started to wear off and we may start to experience lower lows. For this reason, it’s a good time to start talking about how we can support each other, so I thank you again for writing in.
What can happen when you don’t have control over things during big events like the COVID-19 pandemic is something called ‘burnout’. This is when big stressors like the pandemic can make little stressors in life feel less manageable or bigger than they actually are, which might explain why your parents are snapping at you and you brothers so often.
COVID-19 burnout can look different for each person like; being irritable, exhausted, having a short fuse, struggling to find enjoyment in things.
What we can do:
  • Spend time together – either physically distanced or virtually
  • Be grateful – for the little things
  • Remember your strengths – and share them with others
  • Take care of yourself – eat fruits and veggies, drink water, exercise, unplug from your electronics, and do your best to get good sleep
  • Be patient with each other and yourself.
We are living through a historical event and many of us are having a hard time. Its important that we come together and support each other. You can share these tips with your parents and your brothers. At the very least, these are things that you can do to help yourself be more resilient. When your light shines, it helps others remember theirs.
I hope this helps and best of luck.
Take care,
Auntie Manda