Hey, I’m worried about this upcoming school year. I don’t know if my school will be online or in person, I miss my friends, and it’s stressful to be at home.

Thanks for reaching out!
I’m Lael and I’m a new member of the Auntie/Uncle team. I bit about myself, I’m Navajo and grew up in Portland, Oregon. I just graduated from college in May and I really relate to your worries about the future and anxiety about school.
This is such a stressful time. I think one of the most difficult parts is how unpredictable everything is right now. It makes it hard to make plans for the future.
The school year is right around the corner, but many high schools and universities may not be in-person this fall. Whether your school is going to be online and you’re worried about not having all the things you need, like internet or textbooks, or your school will be in-person and you’re worried about getting COVID, know that you are not alone in your worries.
As a community we are grieving the loss of loved ones and the loss of experiences and milestones. To all the Native youth I want to say: I see your accomplishments, whether you graduated high school or college, you passed your hardest class, or you completed a personal goal. I see your hard work: the support you are providing for your families, the encouragement you are giving your elders, or the care you are showing yourself. And I see your struggles: your fears about this upcoming school year and the future, your anger over the injustices of this country, and your grief over the passing of family members.
Lately, when I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, angry, or sad, I try to pause and acknowledge all of the things that are affecting me. I try to give myself a break and remember that it’s ok to feel these ways. After a while, I do something that makes me happy. Like talking to a friend, going on a walk, or watching my favorite show.
As this new school year begins, maybe see how you can give yourself a break, or give yourself space to feel how you feel. We are resilient and come from resilient people.
I hope this helps! Thanks again for writing in


Cousin Lael