Hi auntie Amanda my name's devyn I am from Eastern Shawnee tribe of Oklahoma pony clan I've been wondering why I'd it I have a spirit constantly trying to taunt me ?

Hi Devyn,
Thanks for reaching out!
Well, I can’t speak to your experience, only you can do this.
What I can say, is that as Indigenous people, we believe that all things both inanimate and alive hold a lifeforce or energy, especially the land we occupy. Many people, including myself have had ‘visits’ from those who have crossed over and I’ve always considered them for the most part (because I’ve had some pretty scary and negative experiences too) to be incredibly lucky, blessed, and insightful.
I hope this helps and best of luck to you as you continue to investigate what this means to you and your future.
Best of luck on your journey,
Auntie Manda