Hi, what should I say to my friend who thinks Columbus was a hero and doesn’t understand why Indigenous peoples’ day is important?

Hi there!
This is a super important question.
First, you can set the record straight! Columbus did not “discover” America. Our ancestors have lived on the land that is now called America way before European colonizers even thought of coming here. When Columbus arrived, he kidnapped, enslaved, and murdered thousands of Indigenous people.
Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday about celebrating us! It’s about celebrating our history, communities, and traditions, and to remember how resilient we are.
Lots of cities and states around the country are finally getting on board and recognizing how bad Columbus was. They are choosing to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead. There are so many ways to participate! I know there are tons of virtual events happening tomorrow or you can also look into physically distanced in-person events in your local area.
Here are some virtual events taking place on Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2020:
I want to wish you a very, very happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!
Thanks for reaching out
Cousin Lael