how big is the Squamish tribe in canada

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I did a little bit of research and I found some answers for you.
This is from the Squamish Nation’s website:
“The Skwxwú7mesh stelmexw (Squamish People) continue to reside in the area now described as the lower Mainland of British Columbia. The largest proportion of Squamish Nation members reside on several urban reserves in the city of Vancouver, North and West Vancouver and the municipality of Squamish, B.C. The total area of Squamish Nation Traditional Territory is 6,732 square kilometers. The Nation consists of 23 villages encompassing 28.28 square kilometers. These parcels of land are scattered from Vancouver to Gibson’s Landing to the area north of Howe Sound.”
67,732 square kilometers is about 2599 square miles which is roughly half the size of the state of Connecticut.
If you’re wondering about the population size, their website also says: “The Nation’s population is scattered among nine communities stretching from North Vancouver to the northern area of Howe Sound. Over 60% of the more than 3,600 Squamish Nation members live on-reserve and membership is determined by guidelines set out in the Squamish Nation Membership Code.”
I hope this helps I found the Squamish Nation’s website super helpful and they have lots of further information for any more questions you might have.
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