I am a non-Native living in Western PA. My family is interested in installing a "territorial acknowledgment" plaque on our home (similar to statements used by the Canadian government). Is this a good idea? Any advice on wording?

Thank you for writing in this great question. A Territory acknowledgement is a way that people generate awareness of Indigenous presence and land rights in everyday life. It can be a subtle way to recognize the history of colonialism and a works to create change in settler colonial societies.
I like it as an idea for starting, meetings, conference, ceremonies etc. As well as paying respect to whose land you’re currently residing on. Intent and why becomes extremely important. Identifying the “why” becomes important. What will it mean for you and what are you hoping to achieve?
Being in PA you have local tribes. I encourage you to do your research past google. Find what tribes were there before. Are they still one of the 573 federally recognized tribes? Are you able to identify someone and have further dialogue and representation? These Tribal contacts are great resources and will have the ability to give you further ways of helping acknowledge them.
Thank you for writing such an impactful question.
Uncle Paige