I want to have sex with my aunt

I want to have sex with my aunt but the problem is she dont she my dad half sister same dad but different moms in she really hasn't been there for me all my childhood years

No. Certainly not in the way that you are implying.

You’ll find that many tribes have warnings against this. Like the Zuni Koyemshi, or mud head dancers. Their facial figures are distorted and over exaggerated, as they are the result of an insestual relationship. They are known as the clowns of the village for their lack of intelligence.

Native family kinship is a relationships that embraces immediate family, extended family members, non-blood related relationships, community and the tribal Nation as a whole.

Native kinships also include relationships with water, the earth, animals, air and other elements that give us life. Some tribal nations are matriarchal (women are the lead of the family), while others are patriarchal (men are the lead of the kinship). Because of this tight relationship we are all connected. We have the responsibility to take care, respect, nurture, comfort, discipline, teach, protect and honor one another.

Here are a few tips you can take to make strides towards respectable family relationships:

  • Participate in extended family culture and traditions
  • Learn about family structure and village concepts
  • Participate in traditional male and female roles
  • Search for a connection with relatives or Native ancestry
  • Hear or tell positive family stories

Although times have changed over many centuries, we must remember the traditional meaning of Native family relationships, to give balance, beauty, and harmony not only for ourselves but the universe around us.

Good luck in learning what this means and to help yourself be respectful of these boundaries.

Take care,
Auntie Amanda