I'm homeless, want some assistance from my tribe, live in ca and I have a census number... How can I get some help

Thanks for writing in. I’m happy to help in any way I can.
The first thing you could do would be to see if you are eligible for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Financial Assistance and Social Services.
They provide general assistance like cash to meet essential needs of food, clothing, shelter, and utilities.
If you’re eligible, they’ll hook you up with a social worker who will help you to develop a plan of getting back on your feet and employed.
Depending on where you’re at in California, they have two service offices that could assist you. Give them a call for advice on where to begin:
Pacific Region
Bureau of Indian Affairs
2800 Cottage Way
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: (916) 978-6000
Fax Number: (916) 978-6099
Western Region
2600 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: 6023796600
Fax Number: 602-379-4413
I would also get in contact with your tribal office to see what advice or assistance they may be able to provide. Just do an internet search for their official website and give them a call.
If you’re having trouble and feel like you need someone to talk to you can Text CONNECT to 741741 anytime day or night.
Hope this helps to get you started. Best of luck. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.
Take care,
Auntie Manda