What is intimacy?

Intimacy is often found in relationships. Intimacy represents a close connection with another, rooted in trust, love, respect, comfort and safety. Without these seeds, it can be difficult for intimacy to grow. Looking at some of the forms of intimacy, there is sexual intimacy and nonromantic intimacy.
Sexual intimacy is between two lovers. Sex can exist without intimacy, which can be casual, however, sex can be intimate if trust, closeness, respect, comfort and safety are important emphasized values to the relationship.
Nonromantic intimacy could be between siblings, a mother, a father, a guardian, with a family, or a friend-to-friend trusted relationship. When I say nonromantic intimacy, I begin to be reminded of how difficult it is to actually express nonromantic intimacy. When was the last time you went to your best friend and gave them a platonic (nonromantic, friendly) hug? Or looked at them and said “I really appreciate you and I value your support when I need it!”?
These are a few examples of intimacy. I challenge you to define and figure out exactly what intimacy means to you. It is a little word that can mean a whole lot!
Uncle Paige