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Hi there! In light of the New Year, I’d like to share with you 20 of my goals for the new decade: 1.Belly laugh more often 2.Hug more 3.Talk more 4.Take in my family 5.Eat beautiful food 6.No animal flesh 7.Have more diverse friends 8.Journal more of...Read More

If you’re describing what is called the ‘pull-out’ method; when the male pulls his penis out of the vagina before he ejaculates and no contraceptives are not being used like birth control pills or the patch, there is always a chance for pregnancy. &nbs...Read More

Perhaps they feel this way because folks are using it more often…which is great! However, it is nothing new, nor will it go away. In fact the Oxford Dictionary traces singular “they” back to 1375.   And we know very clearly that Two-Spi...Read More

Hi Jasmine, It takes a lot of courage to reconnect to yourself and share that with others. I’m proud of you.   We know that music-making, especially when doing it with others can have an incredibly positive impact on one’s physical, spiritual hea...Read More

You may have heard folks talking about buying locally and environmentally friendly cultivated sage, especially by Indigenous folks. We certainly encourage this especially because most commercial white sage comes from California and with annual w...Read More

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