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Hi there! Thanks for writing in.   This is a great question. The first thing I would recommend is to check to see if you’re pregnant. You can do this a couple ways:   Home pregnancy tests - are available at most drug stores and pharmacies. Th...Read More

Hey there! I’m sure you’ve been hearing about the coronavirus nonstop. I just wanted to break things down very simply for you.   We know the virus is spread from being in close contact with someone who is infected from their coughs or sneezes.  ...Read More

Yes! Absolutely.   As Indigenous people, we have a very long and devastating history that has stolen so much of our culture, languages, and identity. But there’s no need for that anymore.   With brave people like yourself, we can reclaim our...Read More

Well, good for you for taking things into your own hands.   To find out what band of Cherokee you are from, you’re going to need a little information like, names and ancestor’s location. This can help to narrow down the band that your family is fr...Read More

Well, it’s really up to you and how you feel about it when you see it. You really should only surround yourself with things that have a positive effect on you.   If you’re writing in about it, perhaps you feel a little nudge that t...Read More

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