10 Tips for Staying Healthy & Happy in 2020

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1. Smile every day and make a special effort to see and notice the beauty in the world around you.


2. Seek out things that make you laugh, and limit the things that don't.


3. Gaze into your own eyes in the mirror everyday and say, "(your name), I love you." Set your intentions to see your own divine essence reflected back to you.


4. Our bodies are mostly water contained by the thinnest of tissues and membranes. Imagine that all the waters and cells of your body are radiating love, peace, health and happiness. Do this every day.


5. Eat consciously. Really taste your food and appreciate all the forces of nature that worked together to bring this food to your plate.


6. Move your body some every day. Take a walk. Dance to a favorite song. Stretch and bend.


7. Take 2 to 5 minutes each day to breathe deeply and sit still, focusing only on your breath moving in and out of your body, delivering oxygen and energy.


8. Work with herbal tonics, aromatherapy and flower essences to help you increase your experience of a healthy, happy vibrant you. Plants offer many gifts that keep you aligned with your natural vitality.


9. Emphasize and focus on the positive aspects of your life, and express gratitude for your abundant gifts. An interesting exercise is to make a list of your "health symptoms" - what are things that exist in your life that are symptoms of being healthy? Can you swallow food? Breathe air? Give water to a flower? Love other people?


10. Give a little gift to someone every day. It needn't cost money - it can be a smile, advice, a special prayer or a kind deed. The more you give, the more you will receive in all areas of your life!


Dear Auntie, Hey, I’m worried about this upcoming school year. I don’t know if my school will be online or in person, I miss my friends, and it’s stressful to be at home.