Back to School Tips - College

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Going back to school? Excited? Sad? Whatever your feeling, we've got some tips :) Check out a few lessons learned from some of the We R Native team members!

  • NO NATIVE SHOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR COLLEGE! There are so many scholarships for Native Americans out there. It may take time looking, but please look. It might take some research, but they are out there.
  • BOOKS….. Go to class first. Check with the professor because in some cases you might need the book only a hand full of times. Check the bookstore for rentals before you pay full price for a book. Check the library—you might be able to check out the class text for time to study or read the material you need.
  • GO TO CLASS! Its college now….. Professors don’t care if you make it to class. In most college classes there is no attendance. Don’t let it hurt you not making it to class….. Make yourself accountable; after all, you are the one paying for these classes.
  • FIND A GOOD “MEAL DEAL” outside of campus. “Taco Tuesday” or “Buy 1 Get 1 free Friday”…… Great way to save money and meet new people.
  • UTILIZE YOUR FREE REC CENTER PASS! Your student ID will get you into your rec center for free. This will be the most expensive cheapest gym you will use… Yes, you read that correctly. It is one thing your tuition will cover; “free” access to a gym.
  • JOIN THE NATIVE/AMERICAN INDIAN CLUBS! This is kind of like a home away from home. They have tons of resources there for you, and a place to build friendships. They also have on and off campus cultural activities that allow you to express yourself and where you come from.
  • SEE AN ADVISOR/COUNSELOR. Try to visit at least twice a year. They are the people to guide you and help you earn your degree! You don’t want to be stuck in a class and find out you didn’t even need to take it in the first place! Especially when it comes to signing up for classes at the beginning of the year, they can help you avoid the waitlist.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE of internships, fellowships and volunteer opportunities! It’s never too late! It may suck now, not getting paid for your time, or applying for an internship may be a long process, BUT! It will definitely pay off in the long run. The skills you gain during that time will help you in future job opportunities. Most job places not only look for an educational degree but also…experience.
  • VISIT INSTRUCTOR OFFICE HOURS. Instructors enjoy seeing students especially people who attend their class during office hours. Remember, professors can’t read your mind so make sure you ask questions. Don’t feel intimidated too, they’re there to help you. If you didn’t get something in class or maybe have a brewing thought just to chit chat
  • FREE TUTORING! Take advantage. It’s the best tool for you especially for writing papers and math. If the study buddy is slacking or maybe you need extra help, they are there with open arms. Remember some of these tutors are students too, so they know what it feels like to be in your shoes, also some may know a professor and help you adapt to their teaching styles.
  • PRIORITZE HIGHER/UPPER LEVEL COURSES! Usually you’ll only get two huge tests, or a final group project/presentation or lastly a huge final paper for your class grade. Make sure you prioritize your assignments thought out the year, though and not procrastinate (wait until the last minute) to study. You think you have a full school year but that deadline will creep up on you quick! Try to break up large tasks into smaller tasks such as finding articles one week, then the next week read each of them, etc. It will be a breeze when mid-terms or finals come
  • EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES! If you need to highlight everything in your notes, do it. Or, If you have to type all your notes at the end of the day, do it. There are some people out there who spend hours in the library or some who can read a chapter in 5 minutes and get an “A” on the pop quiz. Don’t feel intimidated, do what you know and the thing about college is you’ll get to find out different learning styles along the way.
  • HAVE FUN! Re-charge your batteries, re-fresh your mind and tackle school again when you return back on Monday. College maybe overwhelming, different people, different views, upper level classes, roommates, your surroundings, city life, jobs, etc. But it’s also a place to expand your mind, find things you like, learn more about yourself, etc. Make sure you give yourself some time to breathe and take care of yourself!



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