Bump Ball

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Bump ball is a simple field game that requires some playing space about the size of half a basketball court and not quite as wide. It is played with two end zones where you score your points as players try to get the ball across the goal line. The game is played with tennis balls, so that every player has one in hand at the start, and a larger rubber ball like the one you would use for dodge ball or kick ball.

The objective of the game is to get the larger rubber ball across the goal line of your opponents, but, you need to use the tennis balls to move the rubber ball around the field. Using the tennis balls to throw at the rubber ball to move it around the playing field as you attempt to hit it across the goal line to score.

At the start, each player is to have one tennis ball in hand and each team is to stand about 15 feet from the rubber ball that is placed in the center of the field. Each team lines up away from the ball and when the game starts, try to hit the rubber ball towards the goal line and score.


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