Do You Even Lift Bro?

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Do you even lift bro?

Fourteen year old Dasan Serawop does, and we’re not talking lightweight! Dasan (Apache Tribe of Oklahoma) has excelled in the weight room by winning gold in the 8th Grade Power Lifting State Championship Heavy Weight Division. Representing Anadarko Middle School, Dasan Serawop is racking up the gold doing what he loves, which is weight lifting and has placed 1st in four out of five Power Lifting meets. Along with power lifting, he has great passion for football, in which his team only lost one game this season. Keep on keeping on Dasan!


Dear Auntie, Dear Auntie – I’m starting to worry about my parents. They come home from working the night shift as clean-up crew at the dialysis center completely exhausted. I’m constantly worried about them getting the virus. I feel like I hardly see them and when I d