Dropping A Knowledge Bomb Part 1

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Hello everybody, it’s been awhile! I wanted to write this blog in relation to the new school year coming up…. Whether you’ll be starting high school or college; I’m going to give you some knowledge (hence the knowledge bomb) I wish I would’ve known if I was young again. You high schoolers and college students trust me—these will be the best times of your life……. DON’T WASTE THEM!

I strongly encourage you to get involved. Join as many clubs/groups as you can. This is my one regret as I look back. I was part of that “too cool” club. I didn’t care about those clubs and thought they were only for the “nerds”. Looking back, I would’ve joined all of them, no joke. I regret not joining the Native club at my college. Not only did I miss out on more scholarships, but I missed out on meeting more Natives that felt the same way I did—making it in a white mans’ world.

This brings me to my next point….. My young Natives, don’t get discouraged. Going off to college, or in some cases to a high school off the rez, it will be hard. This will be the toughest challenge of your young life… Moving away from family and all you’ve known isn’t easy by all means, but it can be done. Here’s what helped me: stay close to family—through phone calls, daily if needed….. Like I mentioned before, check out your Native clubs, so you can find new friends who can relate to your struggles. Find a new hobby, or really get into your current hobby.

Just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. BUT, I will always remember something my mom told me, “Knowledge is power. It’s something that can never be taken from you. People fear others with knowledge.”

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