E-cigarettes: Get The Facts

image description Photo Credit: Brad Wilmot

November 17th is the Great American Smokeout. Take action! Encourage someone you know to use this date to make a plan to quit. Quitting is hard, but you can increase your chances of success with help. You may have heard that e-cigarettes help people quit smoking, but let's get the facts. Tobacco products and e-cigs/vape pens/hookah pens/robot appendages are all just different nicotine delivery devices. Cigarettes are the deadliest. Ecigs/vape pens/hookah pens/robot appendages are just the newest.

1) Look, there is little to no evidence proving they’re a “healthy alternative” or a way to quit

2) Nicotine is still addictive, even when it’s wrapped in a potentially delicious-sounding package

3) That e-juice liquid, is said to have 43 cancer causing substances

4) Ecigs are poisonous: In 2015, there were 25 reported e-cigarette poisonings. 

More at wernative.org/articles/e-cigarettes

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