National Nutrition Month

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What can you do during National Nutrition Month?

  • Move Everyday. Being active can help you stay healthy, happy & fit. Finding an activity that's fun is an important first step. Check out some traditional games or indigenized fitness spaces! No matter what activity you enjoy doing, wherever you enjoy doing it, try getting 60 minutes of activity everyday.
  • Eat more traditional foods. Hunt, fish, gather, grow. Eating more traditional foods like natural, whole, organic food is a key step to a stronger and healthier life! Learn more about figuring out what kinds of foods to eat at
  • Drink lots of water. This one's easy. Reach for a tall glass of water, instead of sugar-sweetened drinks. Check out some simple ideas to try at

Learn more simple steps to be healthy and achieve your dreams at

Dear Auntie, Pot comes from Mother Earth. How can it be that bad for me?