Niitsitapi Nation

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Community involvement is something that can start small and make a big impact. Jaycee Carrywater (Cheyenne/Lakota) and the Niitsitapi Nation know this, and started making big moves in June 2015. 

Jaycee and the Niitssitapi Nation, a Leadership Club at Ferris H.S. in Spokane, WA applied for and  received a We R Native mini grantfor $475! In order to help break down stereotypes and give back to their community, the group decided to create care packages for the homeless. How?

Step 1: They came up with an idea of how to make a positive impact in their community

Step 2: They applied for $475 at

Step 3: They did it!

They budgeted their money and purchased deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, bread, deli meat and cheese. After going to the store and purchasing these materials, they put together care packages to bring to their local homeless shelter. The event was a huge success and after they were finished they shared a few thoughts...

Stepping up and giving back to your community may seems like a later, rather than a now thing. The Niitsitapi Nation didn't wait to make big moves, and neither do you. Apply for a We R Native mini grant and help change our world. Apply today!



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