Tiffany Benally

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I am a young mother and wife. I was born in Fort Defiance, AZ on June 13, 1991.

My name is Tiffany Benally, proud mother of two kids, a daughter Angel Rose Curley (daughter), and Jeral James Charlie Benally (son). Angel was born November 29, 2007, and Jeral was born June 30, 2010.

Lashawn Benally is my unoriginal other half. We tied the knot October 11, 2010 and we are still going STRONG. Both of us are full blooded Navajo and PROUD. Lashawn and I have been living on our own for eight months now, we live in a growing community Thoreau, N.M.

The Thoreau Community Center has provided me with my first job as the Youth Programs Manager, which has made a huge impact on my life. There are many different interests in my life right now and I hope it intends to grow as life goes on, playing with my two beautiful kids, baking goods for my husband such as cookies, cake, cupcakes, frybread, tortillas, and now learning pies.

I love to be around my family in Cornfields, AZ. My mother (Josephine Charlie), deceased father (Rudy Smith), grandparents (James and Angela Charley), and siblings (sister: Vanessa Smith) (brother: Dwight Smith) (deceased October 8, 2011 brother: Sgt. Nolan White), working hard at the community center leading my afterschool program students in the right direction. So far I have learned how to weave, play the native flute and reduced native obesity by playing challenging activities with the students, I also love shopping!!! Especially for my native culture clothing like moccasins, leather purses, native rug dresses, but none of these can beat the native jewelry. Enjoy wearing makeup and hoping one of these days I could be in one of the Women of the Navajo calendars.

Tiffany Benally
Navajo, age 20

Dear Auntie, If my great grandmother was full blooded Choctaw, what would I be?

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