Tis the season

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Rethink the season of giving. The holidays have a way of bringing out the best in people and it is a great time to commit to making giving a part of who you are....not just a thing you do. This year, instead of giving during the season of giving and then returning to “normal life” once the new year begins, let the holidays be a starting point to a life of year-round giving. Here's one idea to get you started this month.

World AIDS Day is December 1st

More than 3,000 American Indians and Alaska Natives have been infected by HIV. Think you’re not at risk? Think again – Half of new HIV infections occur among teens and young adults! So, here's what you can do:

  • Get ideas and online resources: worldaidsday.org
  • Host a luncheon with community members to discuss STD/HIV and other issues affecting teens and their health.
  • Organize a Wall of Moccasins in a prominent place, to honor Native people who have died from HIV/AIDS.
  • Organize a testing event for your school or clinic: cdc.gov/stdawareness
  • Organize a Benefit Concert, Open Mic Night, or Poetry Slam for your cause
  • Watch and discuss videos from Native VOICES, or create and share your own HIV prevention videos: https://youtu.be/sz0boO-42ks?list=PLvLfi7yZ2zQHvNBWQnRrcl_tvuOUvDYD_

Need more ideas to keep you giving year-round?
Check out: Dosomething.org

Dear Auntie, I found a rectangular white stone in southern lake Huron with 4 brown horizontal lines ground into it. I was told it was a native American artifact. Do you know what this is and the meaning behind it?

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